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22 December 2010

"No one noticed what God was doing in that stable ..."

My Annual Christmas Card can be found by clicking here -- readers of this blog will notice that some of its elements have appeared in this blog :D.  In the meantime, here are a few words by Martin Luther, as he reflects on the story of the nativity:

... When they arrived at Bethlehem, they were the most insignificant and despised, 
so that they had to make way for others 
until they were obliged to take refuge in a stable, 
to share with the cattle, lodging, table, bedchamber and bed, while many a wicked 
man sat at the head in the hotels and was honored as lord. ... 

Marc Chagall: Nativité

... No one noticed or was conscious of what God was doing in that stable. He lets the large houses and costly apartments remain empty, lets their inhabitants eat, drink and be merry; but this comfort and treasure are hidden from them. 0 what a dark night this was for Bethlehem, that was not conscious of that glorious light! See how God shows that he utterly disregards what the world is, has or desires; 
and furthermore, that the world shows 
how little it knows or notices what God is, has and does. ...

A Blessed Christmas to one and all!

Luke 2

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